I’ve been on the golf course often, and this is an oddity…

I don’t know if you go to espn’s website often, but this made me laugh…

Most people who know me know that I do play golf.  Not well, mind you but I do play.  And enjoy it a lot.  Apparently, hitting your ball into the woods can lead to you being charged with cruelty to animals.  And that is exactly what happened to Tripp Isenhour, a professional golfer.  They were shooting some footage for a show called “Shoot like a pro” when a bird in the trees was making so much noise that they had to re-shoot the footage.  I assume more than once.

So Tripp starts hitting golf balls into the woods, trying to scare the bird away or something. And on his tenth shot, he actually hit the bird (that’s good aim- I would still be hitting balls trying to hit the bird!).  Problem is that it was a red-shouldered hawk, which is protected by the government.

So now he is facing legal action for hitting a golf ball into the woods.  Man, I hope they never follow me during a round of golf!

Here’s the story in case you want to read it yourself


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