How long has it been…

Man it seems like forever since I last blogged.  It has been a crazy week, and I just didn’t really have a whole lot to say.  So I thought maybe I’d give you a peek at my week…

– Sunday was awesome!  Kicked off a new series at Cross Current called “Sex Appeal; God’s plan for love, sex and dating”.  We talked the topic of love- what is it, what does it look like in a relationship.  And our youth band led worship for the first time- man it was sweet!  I definitely feel like God is gonna do something amazing this spring at Cross Current
– Monday was my day off.  It was like 60 degrees here so we took Addison to the park and let her play on the playground, and ride her bike.  I even got a chance to shoot some hoops, though the wind kind of sucked the fun out of that real fast.
-I found out wednesday that I will speak at “big” church for the 3rd time since we moved here on the 30 of March.  So I am looking forward to being a part of the Easter series at SCC
– today I spent the day busting out this week’s Sex Appeal lesson- Sex is not the problem….lust is.  Talk about tough.  Sex is one of the most divisive subject for a youth group- some parents don’t want you to talk about it, some parents want you to do their job and cover everything,  some students have their own views on sex, others have no idea.  I am looking forward taking students into the Bible and seeing what God, the author of sex, has to say about sex and lust.
– Plus, we moved the pool table out of the barn and in to the church so now we have access to a ping-pong table and a pool table.  Just another little something for students to enjoy!!
– The icing on the cake is that I was given on Sunday a check for $250 for me to use how I see fit for our youth group!  It is awesome to have people blessing our youth group with not just their hearts and prayers, but also with their wallets.  I’ve been thinking and praying all week about what will benefit our youth group most!  And that is exciting!

So it’s been a busy week, but man am I looking forward to this weekend.


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