Odd Conversations about Fairy Tales

Let me start by asking this question- Do you know of any fairy tale involving a talking donkey (except the move Shrek)? This is where our conversation started.

In the movie, the king has banished all fairy tale creatures, so you see pinnochio, tinkerbell, snow white, the gingerbread man, the three little pigs and others in in the movie.  And it is pretty easy to figure out which story they came from.  I mean, the wolf in the bed is from Little Red Riding hood, no brainer.  But for the life of me, I can not think of a fairy tale with a talking donkey.

Is there one?  There is only one place that I can think of that has a talking donkey.  And that would be Numbers 22 in the Bible.  Which is interesting because they have donkey as a fairy tale creature.  Which would by default mean that they think the Bible is a fairy tale book, right? Or maybe they just needed a talkign animal and just happened to choose a donkey. Who knows?

Not trying to say that you should ban the movies or anything, but I just thought this was an interesting point.  If you know of a movie with a talking donkey, let me know. But I thought it was pretty interesting to think about.



  1. Lora S. said

    Interesting thought, Scott! 🙂 I went ahead and did a little research (i.e. googled it) and found this person’s comment on a similar question of “Where does the talking donkey from Shrek come from?” The answer they gave was: “The Donkey in Shrek comes from the original kid’s book that the movie is very VERY loosely based on. It was written in verse, and I think “donkey” rhymed with something better than “horse.””

  2. Katew said

    Yes, there is “The Bremen Town Musicians,” which is a fairy tale by The Brothers Grimm. It was in a lot of kids story collections about 35-40 years ago.
    Lora S. is right, Shrek is based VERY loosely on the original book — which, by the way, is fantastic.

  3. The Bremen Town Musicians — just read it to my daughters tonight — has a talking donkey.

  4. Kim said

    I believe the donkey in that tale about the seven animals…may talk. I haven’t read it since I was a child..but I think it spoke.

  5. C said

    I just rewatched the movie (on my uncles 3d tv) and realized that Fiona sleeps in a tomb on the first night of their journey. Shrek even starts to roll the stone to close it before the donkey stops him. This proved that it wasnt a cave to me. Perhaps another jab at the Bible as fairy tale.

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