Snowflakes, God, and a long drive to work…

It’s snowing here this morning, so traffic is terrible. What is normally a 15 minute drive to work turned into a 45 minute ride.  Ice was covering many spots in the road, then you throw in the visibility issues with snow, and you have a recipe of traffic disaster.

So I am sitting in my car, patiently waiting for traffic to start moving again (Ok, not really patiently) and I look out my driver’s side window and what do I see? Snowflakes.  Not just snow, but snowflakes with their full 6-sided shape are gently landing on the window.   I am just amazed.  Each one is totally different, a beautiful masterpiece of frozen precipitation.  And it hit me- if God is willing to take the time to craft individual snowflakes,that will melt in a matter of minutes or at best days, how much more does he care about us?

So the next time you’re stuck in traffic, take a look around.  And you might just appreciate a snowflake like you never have before.

“The heavens proclaim the glory of God.  The skies display his craftsmanship.”
                                                                                                                               Psalm 19:1


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  1. fcacrazy said

    thats awesome… yeah we got off of schol today with the ice storm that came threw its pretty bad.

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