The most interesting bible conversation Andrea and I have ever had…

The scene: We are laying in bed watching tv while Andrea is nursing Brayden last night.  We are chatting and she asked me how my planning for the next series in Cross Current, “Untold Stories”.  We are going to be looking at some Old Testament stories that are very rarely talked about in church (I’ll post more about that at a later date).

The Conversation: I told Andrea that I had gotten the three stories nailed down and was really looking forward to this series.  Then (Pay attention here!) I asked her why she asked?  She said she had come across a great story during her morning devotions and thought it would fit.  Here is the story:  King Saul is trying to find David to kill him.  He goes into a cave to “relieve” himself and it just so happens that David and his 500 buddies are hiding in the back of the cave.  They try to get David to kill Saul.  David says no.  That’s the long story short (you can read the whole thing in 1 Samuel 24)

The Interesting Part: I’ve read this story a few times, I’n familiar with it.  But she blew me away. I asked why that was so interesting.  She says, “You know, Saul had to be taken a poo! (WHAT???).”  She goes on, “Think about it.  If you are chasing someone down, and you have to do #1, would you go in to a cave? No, you would just find a tree somewhere.  Plus, there is this whole conversation with David and his guys about what they should do.  There is no way that could have happened if Saul was just taking a leak. (Interesting, huh?)”

I have read that passage many times, and had never thought about it that way.  I just assumed he was taking a leak.  But all day I thought about it, and you know what?  I can’t argue with her logic.  It makes sense.

So if I teach on this passage anytime soon, the title will be “1000 eyes watching you Poo!”


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  1. fcacrazy said

    that’s awesome……

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