You ever run out to a store, go to pull in a parking spot and have to stop half-way in because someone thought that it was a good idea to leave their cart in a parking spot? The other night, we went Meijer and Target, and in the parking lot of both we found carts just sitting in the parking spots.  In fact, they were sitting in parking spots not 20 feet from one of those cart holder things.  And it made me wonder…

Are people really that lazy that they say to themselves, “you know twenty feet is just to far to walk, so the cart is fine here?” I bet these are the same people that get in their car, back out their driveway, get the mail, get back in their car and drive back into their garage.

Or are people just that selfish that they think the world revolves around them and since they are leaving nobody else will use that parking spot.  Here is my suggestion…

Make every person that goes in to a store swipe their credit card to get a cart, then if that cart is not returned or if it does damage to someone else’s car in the parking lot because it was left sitting, the store has the card number on file and can use it to pay for the damages.  Or if it is just left in the parking lot, they can charge the card like $50 for being lazy. 

That would solve it…


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  1. Jen said

    Here’s what they do in Korea – you have to put 100 won (about 10 cents) into this little contraption built on the cart handle & it releases the cart from the line of carts. When you leave you have to reinsert this little metal thing back into the cart & you get your 100 won back.

    You’d think 10 cents would be no big deal, but it seems to work pretty well here, overall.

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