Stem Family Update

Everyone is doing well at the Stem house.  Things have changed a lot since Brayden has come home, so let me give you a little update-

– Addison is loving her role as “Big Sister”. She tells everyone, “I’m the big sister now!” in her most excited cheerleader voice
– Addison loves giving Brayden kisses and she is constantly asking ,”Can I hold Brayden?”
– Andrea is doing well- she says she feels 100% better than she did with Addison (do you think that has anything to do with the 2 and a half hour labor as opposed to 20 hours with Addison?)
– Brayden is rockin’ the house. Eating great, and his sleeping is awesome. He gave us two 4 hour straight sleep times last night with a feeding in between.  How awesome is that for a four day old?
– When his eyes are open (which is rare) he is really checking things out- turning his head to see where sounds come from and all that
– We’re not sure who he looks like yet, so we will have to see…
– Have our first funny diaper story- Last night at 2am he wakes up, Andrea feeds him and he lets it rip during the first half of the feeding.  So at half-time of the feeding, Andrea goes to change his diaper.  She takes the nasty diaper off, puts a clean one under him, and before she can get all done, he fills that diaper up.  So she lets him finish (So she thinks), and then puts another diaper on him.  At which time, he fills that one up and stops.  By this time Andrea and I are laughing and I have to wonder if Brayden go joy out of it.  He pooped in 3 diapers in one changing, and stopped in between so Andrea could put a new one on!
– We are so excited.  I’ll post some more pics later!!!



  1. fcacrazy said

    wow……. lol that funny about his diaper extravaganza lol.

  2. Congratulations! I got your message via the Temple Alumni page that you are a new father AGAIN! I’m sorry, but I had totally lost track of you guys and had no idea! I spent some time checking out your blog and pics! You all look GREAT! It is awesome to see how God is blessing you both!

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