More pics of Brayden…

A busy first day at home for Brayden.  Let’s see, we gave Brayden his first bath at home (Addison cried because Brayden cried…how sweet!), had lunch with a bunch of family, had friends over to see the baby, and played at home.

Check out some of the pics…

Check out Brayden in his “going home from the hospital” clothes

Addison wanted to give Brayden kisses the moment he got home from the hospital!

Aw…the big sister holding her little brother!

Here’s a wide-eyed Brayden before his first bath!

Addison was so excited to be Mommy’s helper with Brayden’s 1st bath…until he started to cry!

Mommy is so gentle with a screaming Brayden!!! What a new experience!

Good-night Brayden!  Addy loves you!



  1. Shaunna said

    Hey guys. He is sooooo adorable. I know how proud you must be. Congrats. I love you all..

  2. Vicki Lee said

    He is absolutely beautiful. God bless you!

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