Our new addition- Brayden Scott

I know it has been killing some of you to see pictures of our newest addition.  So here is the run-down and then some pics for ya:

We went to the hospital this morning at 7:30 for Andrea to be induced.  We thought to ourselves it would be late afternoon or early evening when our son would be born.  Well, I don’t know if Andrea had started pre-labor or God was just smiling on us, but after an hour of waiting for them to take us back to the room, Andrea got started on pitocin about 9am.  They checked her and said she was at 4cm dilated.  After two hours (yeah, two hours) or so, they came and checked her again.  And she was at 8-9cm dilated!!! So it took less than 3 hours of contractions and delivery, and we welcome…

Brayden Scott Stem
Born: 11:36a.m. on January 18th, 2008
Weight: 8lbs. 6oz.
Length: 20 in

Now for the pics-

On the scale- weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces!

Chillaxin’ in the baby warmer

Look at the big sister Addison holding her baby brother- She is so excited (she sang to him right away, how precious)

There are the three most precious things in my life- Mommy, Addy, and Brayden
(Can you feel the love?)

Here’s me and my little guy- our first bonding moment!!!

The little guy’s getting all cleaned up!

Our first two-kid family picture!



  1. Steve said

    AWESOME PICS! Congrats! So excited for you guys!

  2. Lora S. said

    Ha! Just discovered you had a blog…a little slow on that!

    Anyway, Congratulations on a sweet baby boy! From the pictures he looks like Scott #2, but I’ll have to take a closer look at him soon. Hope to see him on Sunday! 🙂

  3. Lexi said

    he’s so cute, he looks just like Addison!

  4. Rod said

    Congrads family, I miss you guys, especially you Scott (not).
    The nursery isn’t the same without Addy!

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