Things that Drive me Crazy #3

I know everyone has had this happen to them, so I figure I am not alone.  Let me tell the story: 

Andrea and I went to one of the local eating establishments recently.  Andrea orders her burger, and a side salad.  the lady punches it in. We order Addison’s food, a kiddie meal with chicken tenders and applesauce instead of fries.  Again, the lady punches it in to the little computer.Now this particular eating establishment has a unique system for a fast-food place.  They give you a number and you go have a seat and they bring your food to you.  So we go have a seat.  Andrea says, “They never asked me what kind of salad dressing I wanted (first clue)!”  They bring us our food.  Sort of.  Addison has chicken tenders and applesauce…and fries(screw up 1).  My food is fine and Andrea has her burger and uh, fries. Where is the salad?  I look at the receipt and the lady did not even punch it in right.

So here is what drives me crazy- they help one person at a time, one person speaking to them and all they have to do is punch in what we say (i mean, they have a salad button) and they can’t get it right.  It wasn’t like I asked them for rye toast or anything.  And it drives me crazy!  Get my order right!


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