Things that Drive Me Crazy #2

Yesterday I talked about how back-to-back- same commercials drive me temporarily crazy.  Today let’s focus on driving.  There are a few things about driving that make me crazy:

– When a persons turn signal is on for like 5 miles…and they never turn
– When a person doesn’t use their turn signal, and then slams on their brakes to make a turn, causing sheer panic and that mad grabbing the dashboard by the passenger thing
– When the person who is driving in front of you is taligating the person in front of them, and because they are so close and cannot maintain speed, they have to tap their brakes constantly (which leads me the constant panic of are they going to stop completely or not?)
– When the person in front of you comes to a complete stop before turning right into a driveway or a side street.  I mean, I know you have to stop at stop signs and red lights, but in the middle of a straightaway, come on. Just turn right.
– People who take up two spaces at Wal-mart because apparently their car is worth so much more than mine and they think they deserve two spots. I personally like to go and park about 1 foot from their driver side door so they have trouble getting in.  I mean if they can have two spots, I will too (I’ll use half of there spot and one of my own)

Ok, that last one just makes me smile a little bit.  This is good therapy….


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  1. josh said

    heck yea bro, i feel that one!

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