Things that drive me crazy…

We all have them.  Not so much things that cause you to get irate or go postal, but those little things that you deal with day in and day out that just drive you crazy.  Simple things, minute things that just drive you up a wall.  Pet-peeves if you will (but not really because some of them are not known)

So I thought that for the next few days, i will share one thing at a time that come to my mind that drive me temporarily crazy (and then after a minute, I come back to normal).  If you have others I would love for youto share…here we go:

When you are watching tv, and it goes to commercial (since I don’t have tivo I ahve to suffer through them), it drives me crazy when they play the same commercial back to back or in the same set of commercials.  I mean really, one right after the other?  Is that smart advertising? Do you think that you are getting your money’s worth by putting commercials back to back?   It drives me crazy…


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