Its just plain crazy…

Doing my devos yesterday, reading Joshua 6, all about the”battle” (or lack there of) of Jericho, and it hit me.  This has got to be one of the craziest things God has ever asked people to do!  Then I tried to picture what Joshua may have been feeling when he told the people of Israel the plan.

“Ok, here’s the plan.  I know they have huge walls and tremendous protection, so for an entire week we are going to march around the walls once a day, in silence.  Then on the 7th day we will march around 7 times and then blow the horns and shout and the walls will fall down.”

Stunned silence. Crickets chirping.  Jaws dropping.  You want us to do what?  Are you out of your mind? This is God’s big plan?

Then I realized it doesn’t have to make sense to me.  God can do whatever he wants, what he wants from us as humans is obedience.

There were a lot of crazy plans in the Bible- Noah, build a boat, Moses hit that rock and water will come out. – but when people obeyed God, it worked.

Obedience is necessary, understanding is not!


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