The Recap…

So it has been so nice to unplug and refresh.  Much time has been spent with family over the holidays. I tried hard to stay off the computer (except for essentials) so let me give you a recap:

– Andrea was in her best friends’ wedding on Saturday, Dec. 22nd- evening wedding, very pretty
– Took Andrea and Addison to meet her parents the Thursday before the wedding, came home, drove up Friday for the rehearsal dinner (who wouldn’t do that for free filet mignon, seriously?) and wedding on Saturday, and drove home Saturday Night for church on Sunday (Andrea and Addy stayed at Mimi and Pappa’s)
– Had a good class on Sunday morning- students were really engaged
– Chilled at home on Sunday afternoon, then drove up Christmas Eve to be with the family
– Christmas was swwwweeeet…I’ll post some pics later
– Came home on the 26th and my little brother came to visit- we had a good time chilaxin’
– Spoke Saturday and Sunday at “adult” church- 3 services no waiting- good feedback, hopefully good results
– Had a New Years’ Eve Party with the youth group last night- so cool- click here to see pics

 Yeah, been a little busy, but also got some time to relax…this new year is going to rock!!!


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