When God drops a monkey wrench in the engine of your life…

You know how sometimes you plan, and schedule, and do everything right, and just at the last minute something happens and God goes, “Nope, that is not what I want you to do!”  That happened this week to me.

I was in the process of scheduling our World Changers trip for the summer of 2008.  8 months out, I thought this should be golden.  By reviewing the comments from last year’s trip, it was interesting to see that students wanted to have a say in where we went.  So I put the locations on our student blog and allowed them to vote for the top 3.  After all was said and done, Buffalo, NY was the chosen location.  So I went to book it.  Now the monkey wrench- Already full!  Okay, I can handle this.  Went to our second choice- Chattanooga, TN.  Also booked.

So I consulted my student leadership team because we had to make a decision quick (or risk not going at all).  So we are going to Huntsville, Alabama on June 21-28 for our world changers.

Sometimes when the monkey wrench hits, you just need to roll with it…


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