“The oil light just came on…”

van.jpg“The oil light just came on in the van, and its starting to make funny noises…”  That was the phone call I received yesterday morning as Andrea headed to her parents house.  Never a good thing!  If you have ever owned a car you know that.  Great!  She is an hour and a half away and I can’t do anything….

Two minutes later, after she pulled in to her parents driveway (Thank You God for her being so close to her parents- this will come into play), I get another phone call- “Uh, there is a line of oil in the driveway and a puddle under the car”.  I put down the phone, closed my eyes and said to God, “We trust in you God. I don’t know what we are supposed to be learning, but we know you know.”  I told Andrea to not drive the car and have her dad look at it.

Fast forward 3 hours.  The next phone call- “Hey, the mechanic thinks it is the engine.  We may have to replace the engine or get a new van.”  Gulp, the lump in my throat at that moment.  Where are we going to get money for that?  Can I sell my other car and buy two cheaper cars? What is God showing me?  So for the next 3 hours I just prayed (and stressed and thought and worried and trusted). 

You know what I think it is?  This Sunday, I am starting a two week series on JOY: How to Get IT, How to Keep IT.  Joy is one of those things that really is revealed in times of trouble.  That is how you tell it apart from happiness.  So God just wanted to make sure that joy was a character trait, a fruit of the spirit in my life.  I hope I passed!

So the result (and this is a weird thing):  Apparently, something punctured the oil filter and the oil drained out. THE OIL FILTER- the little $5 piece that you change out every 3000 miles.  IF this had happened on our way to VA or something, it could have been destructive, but luckily Andrea was about 2 miles from her parents’ house.  The mechanic said another mile and we could have been looking at major permanent engine damage.

I think I am going to bring in a guest speaker next week….


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