Post-Halloween Thoughts

Just some thoughts that popped into my mind last night while we were out trick-or-treating with Addison:

– What is the age where it is no longer cool to dress up and go trick-or-treating?
– Why is it that teens think they can get candy without putting effort into a costume? (What are you?  I’m a high schooler- Get outta here geek!)
– Where are some of these teens parents and why did they let them out of the house dressed like that?
– Why do people hand out candy on the “evil” halloween?  Seems weird doesn’t it?
– Should there be a standard as to how much candy should be given out at a house?  I mean some places give one tootsie roll, others 3 large candy bars and a $20 bill.
– Urgent care places were providing free x-rays of your candy to make sure no metal was in them.  What sicko started putting metal in the candy?
– Why is it okay to walk down the street and take candy from a stranger on Halloween but not any other day?
– Why is it so funny to watch people get scared?

Just some of my thoughts….


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