Good Deeds Rock!!!

Tonight I got to play the role of Good Samaritan.  And it rocked! 

Andrea’s parents were in town and we went out to dinner.  On the way back to our house we noticed a lady sitting in her car with the hood up.  She looked a little stressed.  There was a lot of luggage in the back so I assume she was headed somewhere.

Anyway, Andrea’s dad and I walked down the street to see if we could help.  She had been sitting there for a half hour and couldn’t get her car started. It wouldn’t even make that click sound when you turn the key.  So we took off the battery cover and checked her battery.  The battery had been replaced a few months ago.  So we tried to jiggle the terminal cables.  Turns out one was loose.  We tightened it up and the car started right up.  Full Power!

She went on her way and we could smile because we had gotten to do something nice for someone who we don’t know.  It feels good!


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  1. Darcy said

    Aw, what a good doobie.

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