Are You a Fred?

fred.jpgWhile Addison was in the hospital yesterday (taking a nap), I had a couple hours to catch up on some reading I have been wanting to do.  I had picked up the book “The Fred Factor” on Sunday and decided to bust it out.  It’s about a 2-3 hour read, so I got it finished.  Always feels good to accomplish something.

Great book!  Recommend it to everyone.  It gives great insight into everyday life.  Mark Sanborn writes some good stuff.  He was inspired to write this book by his mailman: Fred.

Here is the basic thought I got from the book:  how do I take the ordinary things in my life and make them extraordinary?  I may not be able to do tons of extraordinary things in my life, but I can do everything extraordinarily.  You never know when a kind word, a simple gesture like paying for someone’s coffee, or helping out a stranger will change that person’s life.  So I want to be a Fred: a person who does the ordinary things extraordinarily!

We all know Fred’s in our lives?  Are you a Fred?


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