One Square…

toilet-paper.jpgIt happened to me the other day.  Let me paint the picture

You are sitting in the bathroom, doing what people do in there and you reach over for the Charmin and aahhhh, two squares left.

Who does that? And it always happens when there is no extra TP under the sink or anything.  So it go me thinking….

Who uses only one square of toilet paper? 
Who decided that they should be 4 by 4 inch squares, perforated?  Was there a scientific study about this?
And why is it when you get to the end of the roll, they are still small squares? 

I think the last two or three feet should be one big piece of TP so that if you take some of it, you take it all.

Just an odd thought for you….



  1. andrea said

    you are a really cool guy!
    I am always amazed by you!

  2. Amber said

    Man Scott you are really funny. I wish you didn’t have to leave so soon it would have been great getting to know you.

  3. scottstem said

    Okay, Andrea didn’t write that. She called me a dork! And that is fine. I know I am a dork
    I went ahead and edited her comments before I approved it!

  4. fcacrazy said

    lol.. thats awesome! hope life in ohio is good for you!

  5. renee1 said

    I thinki may have to do that , cause’ it’s happen to be like 3 times. THANKS SCOTT


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