My grandma is 32….

pills1.jpgJust heard this on the news today. A middle school (Students 6th-8th grade) in Maine is going to be handing out birth control to girls in their school.  And the school board has approved it to happen without the students having to tell their parents. 

Are these people nuts?  To 12 and 13 year olds, this is what message they are hearing, “Go on have sex, be promiscous, sleep around, let those urges run wild, its fine.  We will even protect you from screwing up your life.  And it will be our little secret! And there will be no consequences if you take this little pill. “

I really hope they rethink this.  I wonder if the people on the school board have children?

Click here for the article.



  1. Dean said

    I really is ridiculous. Middle school is just too young to have these kind of messages thrown at you. It does show how much sex and sexuality has become a part of everyone’s life, no matter how young.

  2. fpgurrl16 said

    wow! thats crazy! and its a MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!

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