Eating a live fish can be hazardous to your health

goldfish.jpgWhen I first arrived at Sycamore Creek Church, I was asked what I could do to build the excitement of the youth group.  Without having built a reputation or even taught the first time, my brain naturally goes to something either gross or extremely dangerous (which for some reason, naturally appeals to teens). 

So I make this deal:  If on Football Sunday, which is Oct. 14th we have 75 teenagers at our Sunday night Cross Current (in august we were running about 20), I agreed to swallow a live goldfish on the stage.  Seems gross enough.  To make things more exciting, I had a teenager agree to swallow one if we do not have 75 (it’s only fair).

So I get this text message two days ago from the teen who agreed to swallow the live fish (yeah, its a girl.  Way to go!) about how concerned she is about it. Apparently, someone she knows had a relative die trying to swallow a live fish as a prank.  I don’t want her to worry or be scared about it, so I think I am going to have to come up with an alternate plan.

Any ideas?



  1. fpgurrl16 said

    i say…. LEAVE THE POOR GOLDFISHYS ALONE!!!!!! they dont want to get eaten alive!!!! 🙂

  2. Mike Sanders said

    How about crickets?

  3. fcacrazy said

    Just don’t make the girl eat it ,see if someone else will.

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