I hate moving, but yet I do it all the time…

Andrea and I were sitting in our living room talking the other day and we realized something:  We have moved more times than years being married.  And we are at it again.

 We have to move out of our first apartment here in Pick-town, OH because we need 3 bedrooms to accomodate our soon to be newest addition.  So we are in the process of moving…again.

I thought I would relive all the places that Andrea and I have lived:

1. Moody Sawyer Road Hixson, TN – My first apartment when I got out of college.  two bedroom, 1 and a half bath and plenty of classic charm(read that really old).  We lived there for 2 or 3 months after our wedding. Rent: $360 a month
2. N. Lovell Ave.  Chattanooga, TN- favorite apartment we have ever lived in!  Two huge bedrooms(one a loft), two full baths, fireplace, deck.  6 or 7 month stay Awesome.  Rent: $475 a month
3. Cardinal Drive Woodbridge, VA- we moved to Northern Virginia in Feb.2003 with no jobs and we moved in with a family we had never met-  Terry and Judy Cummings.  We lived with them for two months and they became like family.  Rent: $0 (we should have stayed longer)
4. River Bend Way Lake Ridge, VA- two bedroom, two bath, tiny kitchen.  Our first place in Northern Virginia.  We lived here a year.  Rent: $1080 a month
5. 4652 Charlton Court  Woodbridge, VA- Our first home we owned. 3 bedrooms, 1 and 2 half baths.  Bought for $178,000.  lived here for over two years and sold it for $309,000.
6. 3364 Cape May Ct. Dumfries, VA- The home we currently own.  Lived here for 13 months, then moved to Pick-town.
7. 1641 B Tyler Ave. Pickerington, OH- 2 bed, 2 and a half bath.  3 month rental with plans to buy a home.  God had other plans. 
8.  251 Hither Glen Reynoldsburg, OH- the apartment that we will be moving into by the end of the month.  3 bed, 2 and a half bath, 2 car garage.

 We are getting good at this moving thing….


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  1. And I thought we were bad…we’ve lived in 9 homes in our 17+ years of marriage…so you should easily top us.

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