Its a…

So today was the day that Andrea, Addison, and I went to the doctor to have an ultrasound to find out what we were having- a boy or a girl.  We knew going in that it was only one baby so that was good.

Anyway, we had prepped Addison that she was going to see the baby today.  But we also had to explain that it would not be a real good picture or that the baby would come out to see her or anything like that.  I think she understood.  So it was a good time.

And I’m sitting in the doctors waiting room and this little tv is playing interesting tips about babies, etc. and this tip comes up, “Ultrasounds are safe in a medical environment for medical reasons!”  And it made me think, are there people out on the streets giving ultrasounds for non-medical reasons?  I just picture this dude on the street corner, “Psst, hey buddy, what you need?  Rolex, drugs, maybe I could interest you in an ultrasound?”   I mean seriously.  Does that happen?

So we are in the waiting room and Addison is asking all these questions…What is that for?  I want a baby, etc… Oh, yeah we are having a boy!  The ultrasound lady was about 85% sure that we are having a boy. I just thought I would post a lot of stuff so you had to read through it just to find out what we were having.  And if you are still reading, you must have been really intrigued by the story, because I already told you what we were having…


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