Tuesday Morning Blah Blah….

Just some random thoughts from Me…

  • Got to see the Redskins play last night…and they won.  Amazing, Huh?
  • I need to get back into updating this blog regularly
  • Another great weekend at Cross Current- 31 with a few regulars out, and a few first timers in
  • Addison is adjusting well…she now understands that we have to mail stuff to her cousins (which we did with Lexi’s present)
  • Friday we find out the sex of our baby!Yeah!!!
  • I can’t believe I might have to swallow a live goldfish
  • I need to lose weight
  • If you have never played disc golf, you should give it a try
  • Can’t wait to go to an Ohio State game…


  1. – Redskins are on top…watch out! So you moved to Ohio, but are staying a Skins fan?
    – Be sure to pick out the goldfish yourself. (experience speaking)
    – If you don’t blog more than once/week, I’m going to have to cut you from my links 🙂

  2. thezac93 said

    Go Skins!!! They already have half as many wins as last year. I will give you some tips on names for the new baby once I think of some. I think you should let the teens decide on the goldfish. Much more exciting(and probably disgusting) that way. Peace out!

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