Wedding Ring

wedding_ring.jpgSo I am standing in the church office, talking with Gina, the admin. assistant, and I just happen to look down at my hand.  Now I have been all over the property this last week setting stuff up and doing various things as we had Extreme Week going on.  And I notice that there is something missing on my left hand. Yeah, my wedding ring is gone!  I don’t know how it came off, if it broke or just slipped off (maybe I am losing weight ;), but it wasn’t there.  So to keep the ladies off of me, when I got home that night, I put a different ring on my ring finger and have been wearing it all week.  I guess eventually we will buy another wedding ring for me, but for now that is just not in the budget.



  1. mommybug said

    My husband can’t wear a wedding ring at work. He works around train cars, and if something heavy fell on his hand, it would sever the finger. Ouch! He’s also not very good about wearing it any other time, but, except for work, he doesn’t really go anywhere without me, so I’m not too worried. I wonder where that ring of yours wandered off to? I lost my engagement ring once and found it almost a year later, under the kitchen sink!

  2. fpgurrl16 said

    man… that stinks. oh and i like ur new blog background. lol
    MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!

  3. tweetymom said

    My mom always said, “If you find it, it will just happen.” You usually don’t find jewelry when you are looking for it. I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring. I looked all over the house for it. Later that day, I looked down and there it was! Hope you find yours.

  4. Dude…it’s probably caused by weight loss 🙂
    We miss you here…especially Addison…no offense!

    I lost mine once, but found it…after searching, I remembered that I had actually taken it off and put it in a safe place…probably shouldn’t be admitting this…

  5. Donald B said

    Weight loss … keep the women off … who’s blog is this?????

    The weight loss I might be able to believe … but I seriously don’t think you’ll have to worry too much about the latter part. 😉

    Hope you find it my friend!

    Go with God,
    Donald B

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