June 15, 2002

I know it is a date I will always remember.  It was the day that Andrea and I got married.  Five years ago.  We just finished watching our wedding video (I think it may be the first time that we have done that together).

 In the scheme of life, I guess five years is not a whole lot of time.  But things sure have changed a lot.  I want to give you a picture of our lives in 2002:

– Lived in Hixson, Tennessee (right outside of Chattanooga)
– Rent for our first apartment- $360 a month
– Scott’s Job- 3rd Shift Cutter helper at Southern Champion Tray (I made cakeboxes for a living)
– Andrea’s Job- Tour Guide at Ruby Falls
– Scott’s salary- $9 an hour (yeah, and I was college educated)
– Cars- 1991 Jeep Cherokee and 2000 Ford Focus (speaking of cars, the first thing my wife did when we left our wedding reception- she vacuumed out the car- how romantic 😉
– Scott’s weight- None of your business

Now we have a mortgage on our second home that we bought, a beautiful two year old in Addison, a minivan and a station wagon.  So yeah, things have changed.  But you know what, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I love being married to Andrea.  So Happy Anniversary to us! 


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  1. Darcy said

    Happy Anniversary (belated).

    That is weird that your comments are on the top. It confused me.

    That’s funny about Andrea vacuuming the car after the reception.

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