Steps to a good devotional time

Just finished a four-week series with the youth group called “Keepin’ It Real: Taking the Bible to the Extreme”.  It was a great series.  So many times we tell people that you need to be spending time in the Bible, but they may not know how.  So I spent four weeks giving practical tips and steps to a good devotional time.  A lot of the study tips came from Rick Warrens’ book, “Bible Study Methods”.                              


Over the four weeks, we looked at four steps toward a great devotion time. Here they are:

1. Pray for Insight into how to Apply the Passage
2. Meditate on the Verses you have Chosen to Study- Spend time reading the verses more than once, visualize the scene, etc.
3. Write out an Application- make it personal, practical, possible and provable
4. Memorize a Key Verse from the Study- there seems to be a verse that sticks, so memorize it

 If you can learn to put these things into your “quiet time”, you will see spiritual growth that you have never seen before.


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