And I cried in public!

March 26th 2006. I remember sitting in the Auditorium of Woodbridge Middle School going through the formality that is an ordination service.  I remember feeling like I was not worthy of such a calling.  But what I remember most about that Sunday is this statement: Can you start May 1st?  I know that doesn’t mean anything to anyone reading this, but let me tell you the backstory. 

My wife and I had come to LCC in 2003 to take the part-time position of youth pastor.  After 3 years of bi-vocational work (which I would not wish on my worst enemy), we were praying hard that God would allow us to go full-time at LCC.  But we knew that the necessary funds were not there, so we had planned on staying as part-time.  God had other plans and someone donated money for my salary.  I didn’t know any of this, until Steve asked me that question: Can you start May 1st?   And I cried in public on stage, like a baby (tears of joy rolling down my face).

So, as of yesterday, it has been one year since I started full-time at LCC.  And I thought I would be a cool time to post some little tidbits that I have learned (or have been reinforced) over the last year, so here goes:

1. Always appreciate volunteers
          Working a full-time job and volunteering is not an easy task, so whenever you get a chance say “Thank You” to your volunteer workers.  Plus, they like to hear that.

2. Think about the worst case scenario
        With activities, events, or anything, always try to think about what could happen that would be bad.  Not because they are going to happen, but because you will look better prepared if they do happen.

3. Always have a plan
       Even though you want your activities to seem free-flowing, don’t let them be that way in the planning stages.

I have learned a lot more than this, but I will conclude with this one.  Never, ever, and I mean ever

Run the pastor’s son into a wall headfirst while laying down on a skateboard!  Take it from personal experience.


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