If at any time between services your fluids should get low…

I took my wife’s van to Jiffy Lube today to get the oil changed and I asked the young lady at the counter how many times a day she has to give her little ditty about the oil change (you know what it is, you hear every time).  She said it to me with that monotone “I say this a thousand times a day” voice.  She said that if she doesn’t say it to every person, it costs her money.  I understand how hard it is to put excitement into a memorized statement that you have to say hundreds of times a day.

 But it got me thinking: Do I ever talk to people that way?  As a Christian, I should love people and care about them.  But do I ever feel like just going through the motions and not putting any effort into it?  Ashamed, I have to say yes I have done that.  And I bet it came across just like the Jiffy Lube statement made to me today.

Don’t let being a Christian everyday turn you into an Everyday Christian!


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