I love DC traffic…no really

As I was sitting on I-95 this afternoon (yeah that’s right…I said sitting, not moving sitting) I began to think about the two seasons of traffic in DC. Here they are.

The first is the “I wonder how bad the roads are going to be?” season. This is the season from about October to April where kids are still in school and we only have to deal with the traffic from people who live and work in the area.

The second is what I experienced a little bit of today.  I call it the “We are planning on going nowhere near the highway from Friday at noon until Monday Evening because it is like a parking lot” season.  This season obviously runs from the end of April through September.  It’s where everybody on the entire East Coast decides it would be fun to drive through DC every weekend.

 So in case you were wondering what I did today…I went to a birthday party out of town where I had to travel on I95 (see above description of my love for traffic)


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  1. Ugh! Lots of fun! Good post!

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